Our Pricing

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Ladies Pricing


Wet cut:£15.50£17.95£19.95
Cut and finish£20.00£22.00£24.00
Cut and blow-dry (short):£26.95£28.95£30.95
Cut and blow-dry (long):£31.00£34.00£37.95
Blow dry (short):£16.00£17.00£18.95
Blow dry (long):£22.00£24.00£26.00

Technical Services

Colourance (introduction to colour):from £20.00
Tinting roots:from £27.50
Tint full head:from £37.00
Cap highlights:from £30.00
Foils (parting only):from £28.00
Foils (half head):from £56.00
Foils (full head):from £70.00 to £98
Corrective colour services:please ask us for a quotation
Perms (including cut, excluding finishing):from £36.00
Spiral perming (price depends on hair length):from £60.00
Gents Pricing

Gents Styling

Wet cut:£13.00£16.00£17.00
Creative cut and finish:  £30.00 -£35.00
Creative cut and colour:£30.00£32.00£35.00
Children's Pricing

Children’s Styling

Basic trims, ages 5 – 15:£10.00£11.00£12.50
Basic trims, ages 4 and under:£6.50£7.50£10.00
Technical Services
Colourancefrom £20.00
Tinting Rootsfrom £27.00
Tint Full Headfrom £37.00
Cap highlightsfrom £30.00
Partial Foilsfrom £28.00
Foils Half Headfrom £56.00
Foils Full Headfrom £70.00 to £98.00
Corrective Colour Service (by quotation) 
Perms (including cut)(excluding finish)from £36.00
Spiral Perming (depending on length of hairfrom £60.00
High Speed Tanning Tower

Health & Beauty Products

We sell a wide range of professional hair and beauty products at great prices, so you can keep your hair looking salon-perfect between visits to us. Please contact us or drop into our salon to find out more. These websites below have been chosen by us to help you find out more about some of our products and services.

   Goldwell - Hair & Beauty Products


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